Welcome to One Child’s Village: A Global Orphans Foundation. We are a non-governmental, non-religious charitable organisation whose main goal is to provide support for HIV/AIDS orphans in the developing world.

We identify the children of the world as among the most vulnerable members in our global family. Thus we believe that service rendered to children is the most sacred. One Child’s Village aims to provide the conditions, training and resources needed for the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of children affected by the negative influences of HIV/AIDS. These necessary basic resources include food, clean water, sanitation, education, medicine, and physical and emotional security.

One Child’s Village supports the principle aims of the Millennium Development Goals and seeks to play an active role up to and beyond its effective term in promoting peace, democracy, human rights, and improved living conditions through the provision of basic needs to impoverished children – particularly children who have been orphaned or adversely affected by the influences of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Special needs for children come in all shapes and forms and are sometimes unique to a region. Being a responsible charitable organisation means working quickly to identify these needs, and then procuring the resources and strategies to quickly address those needs in the best way we know how. This is why we have built the Canadian based charity for children in the developing world. Together, with your supportive donations and resources, we can make change in the global community and empower children in these areas to succeed in life.

We are a registered Canadian Charity with Canada Revenue Agency (815788476 RR0001).



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