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One Child’s Village: Teachers’ Wages


Kawangware Slum, Nairobi, Kenya


Approximately $200 CAD covers one teacher’s salary for one month – $2400 CAD covers one teacher’s salary for a year

Brief Intro:

You can help our students by ensuring that their valuable teacher’s wages are paid for one year.

Project Summary:

Teachers are the most important part of any education system. They also account for a significant portion of the expenses needed to run a school. This project allows you to pay one teacher’s wage for an entire year and bring education to 200 orphaned children. Schools also employ extra workers who cook and clean, or provide security in the dangerous slum areas. You can also help support the income for these important school workers.

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Project Details:

Teachers are the backbone of any education system. Qualified teachers in poorer countries usually work much longer hours in order to keep their jobs, yet they are often paid very little compared to teacher’s incomes in richer countries.

Our teachers receive an income of between 10,000 to 15,000 Kenyan Shillings per month, which is between $150 to $200 Canadian dollars. The entire salary of a teacher for one year is less than $2400 CAD. You can employ a teacher for an entire year by ensuring that his or her wages are paid. Teachers often receive no benefits beyond this meager income and can face challenges paying for their own food, health care and place to live. As a benefit in our organisation, we encourage the teachers to eat along with the children at the school in order to reduce their food costs at home.

We also employ additional workers at the school who cook and clean, or provide security in the dangerous slum areas. These employees will often earn salaries in the range of 8,000 to 10,000 Kenya Shillings per month ($100 – $130), or less than $1500 per year. You can also help support the income for these important school workers

We have been very lucky to find caring and loyal teachers for our school. Our teachers not only provide the students with education but also much needed love and care. They also often help the students outside of school and on weekends. For these orphans the teachers are more than school employees, they are often substitutes for the parents they have lost. Because of this, the children form very strong bonds with the teachers who have, effectively become surrogate parents.

This can cause an enormous additional burden on our teachers and their life at the school becomes, literally, their entire life. Some of our more dedicated teachers have worked for years without a single day off from contact with the children. Their dedication to the welfare of the children is more than heroic and we try to remove or offset as much of the burdens of poverty from their shoulders as we can.

Our goal is to provide teachers with a fair income so that they can easily manage their lives. Our hope is that they will stay employed with us to maintain the emotional bonds that they have developed with the orphaned children. The longer a teacher stays at the school the stronger and more natural the bond will be between them and their students. This creates stability for both the teachers and the children in the long term. The relationship with their teachers is an important one for the students who require their support on many levels, in and out of the classroom.

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