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One Child’s Village: Uniforms


Kawangware Slum, Nairobi, Kenya


$35.00 for one child for one year

Brief Intro:

You can help to provide an essential article of clothing – the school uniform – to enable an orphaned child to go to school.

Project Summary:

Although primary education is free in Kenya, students are required to own and wear a school uniform. Each school is recognised by its own special colours and style of uniform. These uniforms can be too expensive for families that are already having a hard time just to buy food and medicine for their children. This can prevent the child from ever going to school. For a small fee you can help overcome this barrier and send a child to school with the needed clothes.

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Project Details:

It is sometimes common in Africa for children to go without clothing when they are at home. Both poverty and tradition allow for this. In Kenya, which was originally colonized and controlled by western nations, they adopted an education system very similar to the one in England. This system requires that all children who attend school wear common uniforms. But many orphans live in poverty and are unable to afford the cost of a uniform. This is where One Child’s Village plays an important role. An average uniform can cost from $35 to $50 Canadian dollars. However, we purchase large rolls of material and then hire a local seamstress to sew our uniforms for the children. For only $100, we can purchase the needed material and cover labour costs to create between 10-15 uniforms (depending upon the size of the children). This savings often allows us to purchase an additional uniform for the children in order for them to always keep one washed and clean. This fundraising project can be best supported by quantities of $100 allotments to allow us to purchase batches of uniforms for the children. As children grow at such a tremendous rate, the need for new uniforms is enormous.

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